5G Technology Whitepaper from ZTE

With rising adoption of mobile networks and smart devices globally, more and more people now have the ability to access electronic information and interact with computing systems. This trend will accelerate in the future, as 5G revolutionizes how humans acquire, manage and engage with information. User experience and satisfaction will be fundamental in driving innovation and convergence of 5G devices, networks and services. Businesses and industries, in addition to general public, will embrace 5G services, with will be carried on networks with greater intelligence, user-friendliness and versatility, combining the best characteristics of cellular and wireless local networks. Increasingly, humans will have their lives touched by 5G, which will form part of the fabric of future world together with other successful technologies.

5G will be a fundamental pillar of the “M-ICT” era envisioned by ZTE, when ubiquitous mobility empowers innovations in all walks of life, transforming education, healthcare, industry, government, transportation, finance and technology, welding together the physical and digital worlds:

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