• Gimme Fiber Day

    Gimme Fiber Day – November 4

    Did you know, that each Year November 4 people around world are celebrating Gimme Fiber day? What so special about this day? 4 November is the birth date of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao, the man who changed the way the world communicates and was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for […]

  • Router Comparison Guide

    Router Comparison Guide

    Many of technical IT people have such everyday situations, when it’s necessary to compare different vendor product alternatives. Then usually is very hard to understand – what is comparable with what. Please check our small info-graphic / Router comparison guide – here You can find positioning of products for main and leading router equipment vendors – […]

  • ZTE R&D Picture1

    Insights of ZTE Corporation R&D Center

    EDGE Technologies is partner of one of most innovative companies globally – ZTE Corporation. Most Innovative – sounds a bit loud, but if we check World International Patent Organization (WIPO) data then we will discover that ZTE is top applicant for past years. On 2012 ZTE was number one globally, not only in telecommunication area, […]