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  • ZTE-Corp-CGO

    Who is Cool, Green, Open? – It’s our partner ZTE

    Our partner – ZTE Corporation recently has published Sustainability Report 2014 (Download it HERE). This report highlights ZTE’s latest company updates, including financial results, corporate governance and future strategy overview. CGO – Cool, Green, Open is not only slogan, but list of values that company wish to focus in future development, but what does it […]

  • ZTE in Broadband TV Asia 2015

    Short overview video of our partner ZTE attending in broadband Broadband TV Asia 2015 . ZTE showcased in the Broadband TV Asia 2015 its 5G technology breakthroughs and CGO (Cool, Green & Open) innovations in the M-ICT Era. Watch video and learn more:  

  • Router Comparison Guide

    Router Comparison Guide

    Many of technical IT people have such everyday situations, when it’s necessary to compare different vendor product alternatives. Then usually is very hard to understand – what is comparable with what. Please check our small info-graphic / Router comparison guide – here You can find positioning of products for main and leading router equipment vendors – […]

  • ZTE R&D Picture1

    Insights of ZTE Corporation R&D Center

    EDGE Technologies is partner of one of most innovative companies globally – ZTE Corporation. Most Innovative – sounds a bit loud, but if we check World International Patent Organization (WIPO) data then we will discover that ZTE is top applicant for past years. On 2012 ZTE was number one globally, not only in telecommunication area, […]

  • 5G Whitepaper from ZTE

    5G Technology Whitepaper from ZTE

    With rising adoption of mobile networks and smart devices globally, more and more people now have the ability to access electronic information and interact with computing systems. This trend will accelerate in the future, as 5G revolutionizes how humans acquire, manage and engage with information. User experience and satisfaction will be fundamental in driving innovation […]