Carrier Class WiFi Solutions

Ruijie Networks Carrier class WiFi solutions are leading Enterprise solutions in Asia region ensuring elite performance and network security. Now we are introducing them in Europe.

  • x-Sense

    For Very High Density Premises


    The new-generation APs based on Ruijie Networks X-Sense technology are applicable to environments with a huge number of users and high signal quality and performance requirements, such as large venues, open offices, libraries, auditoriums, large supermarkets, and warehouses.

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  • i-Share

    For Hotels, Hospitals, Dormitories


    The refined APs based on Ruijie Networks i-Share technology are applicable to indoor coverage in special coverage environments, such as students’ dormitories, wards, and hotel guest rooms.

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  • Wall AP

    Easiest Way from Wired to Wireless


    Wall AP adopts 802.11n standards and supports both FAT and FIT AP modes, which is ideal for dense wireless deployment in hotels, office towers, residential buildings and settings alike. The wall-mountable AP has the same size as a standard 86-type faceplate with integrated Ethernet and voice ports

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    For Enhanced Performance & Control


    Comparable to the commanders of wireless networks, each AC is capable of controlling the access of at least 32 and at most over 10,000 APs. These ACs provide high processing performance, and powerful wireless management and control functions.

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