FAQ Ruijie Switching General

What is Ruijie Switches relation to SDN?

Software Defined Networks is industry trend/initiative in order to separate Control Plane and Forwarding/Data plane on network devices and in such way it’s possible to simplify management of network and automate this process making network “self-aware”.

Ruijie is related to term SDN so far, that it is using modular RGOS operating system with modular structure on all of it’s products – starting from simplest Access Point Devices, ending with Hi-End Routers and Switches. In it’s architecture (modular) different layers are separated and when industry will be closer to standardization and application RGOS new releases will include new management capabilities.

Ruijie NFPP Technology – can we limit SNMP, SSH, BGP is allowed only from specific IP addresses?

The NFPP can control the bandwidth data-flow won’t be so detail, it will control the IP, ARP or the DHCP which belong to layer 3.

Support Ruijie 5750 uplink card hot swap function?

No, switch has to reboot.

Does Ruijie 5750 switches support dual power supply?

Ruijie 5750-S series support one power card and additional RPS connector for dual power support and S5750-E series support Modular Dual Power Supply and hot swap function for these cards.

Ruijie 5750-E IS-IS protocol support?

Ruijie RG-5750-E Series support IS-IS protocol according to ISO SO10589 and RFC1195 ( Integrated IS-IS). IS-IS configuration for 5750-E Series can be found in “RG-S5750-E Series Switches Configuration Guide v10.4(3b16).pdf” starting from page 731.

Ruijie 5750E L3 table size?

Ruijie RG-5750-E series support  13k IPv4 Hardware Routing Table and 13k/4=3250 IPv6 Hardware Routing Table Capacity (Network Routing), which are shared together with IPv4.

What is Ruijie 5750-E MPLS Functionality?

Supported Ruijie 5750-E MPLS Functionality are basically L3 MPLS VPN’s. Can act as CE or PE equipment, can support up to 512 VRF’s.

What are PoE power standards on Ruijie Switch products?

All Ruijie Switch products supporting PoE functionality supports PoE (IEEE 802.3af-2003) 15.4W and PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at-2009) 25.5W standart.

What about VXLAN Technology in Ruijie?

VXLAN – is a Layer 2 overlay scheme on a Layer 3 network and it has several alternative concurrent technologies providing L2oL3 connections like L2GRE, NVGRE. Ruijie supports alternative technology L2GRE (Layer 2 over Generic Routing Encapsulation). This network virtualization technology eliminate the VLAN-based scaling challenges (limited up to 4K VLAN IDs) that exacerbate scaling in multitenant networks. However L2GRE technology is supported on Ruijie Newton RG-N18000 Cloud Network Core Switch with is our competitor to Cisco Nexus 9000. Datasheet is attached HERE – RG-N18000_Cloud_Network_Core_Switch_Series_Datasheet_2014.7.4

Could You explain EVB/VEPA technology?

EVB/VEPA – Ethernet Virtual Bridging /Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregation is IEEE Standard 802.1qbg with is applied usually in Data Center environment, where Switch is connected to multiple servers with contain large number of Virtual Machines. This VEPA technology allows to bring Virtual Machine switching to physical switch (from vSwitch inside server software), with usually is much more advanced in security policies and features. Only requirement is that used virtualization software (VMWare/Parallels or other) need to support 802.1qbg. More info on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48xi-luDT60

What is the packet buffer size in Ruijie 6220 series?

Ruijie 6220 Series Packet Buffer or Switching Cache is memory shared across all switch ports in order to deal with packet micro-bursts and its 9MB.

However, if we talking about FC / Data center environment – here is flow control technologies like DCBX in order to deal with bursts and en-shore lose-less Ethernet !