FAQ Ruijie Wall AP

What are power options on Ruijie WLAN AP?

There are following power options on Ruijie WLAN AP:

RG-AP530-I: (X-sense) – DC power adapter & 802.3af PoE (802.3at PoE+ for full performance)

RG-AP330-I: (X-sense) – DC power adapter & 802.3af PoE

RG-AP320-I: (X-sense) – DC power adapter & 802.3af PoE

RG-AP220-E(M)-V2: (i-Share) – DC power adapter & 802.3af PoE

RG-AP120-W (Wall): – 802.3af PoE

Has Ruijie WiFi planning tool?

Now we have Chinese version coverage planning system only. So you can share the project info to us,then we will help you to give you a plan report to you. Or you can use some other vendor’s software first.

Does Ruijie AP support WDS tehnology?

All Ruijie AP support WDS Technology (Wireless Distribution System). Additionally to WDS technology, Ruijie AP together with Wireless Controller provides Intelligent Load Balancing – real time distribution of active users between different AP in order to balance load of all AP’s.

Environment IP standard in Ruijie WLAN AP?

The indoor AP protection is IP40, For advanced environment, we will suggest to using the outdoor AP, which will be reach IP67 protection rank. (And this product will be release soon.)

How many SSID are supported on Ruijie WLAN AP?

Following numbers of SSID are supported on Ruijie WLAN AP:

– RG-AP120-W maximum 8 SSIDRG

– AP220-E(M)-V2 maximum 32 SSIDRG

– AP320-I maximum 32 SSIDRG

– AP330-I maximum 32 SSIDRG

– AP530-I maximum 32 SSID

What kind Wireless Intrusion Detection Ruijie Supports?

Ruijie WLAN solution has built-in WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System), with allows to perform detection of intrusion or malicious attacks at early stages. WIDS provides following functionality:

  • “Rogue” Customer Device Detection
  • “Rogue”Access Point Detection
  • Ad-Hoc devices Detection
  • IDS Attack Detection

Ruijie WLAN AP’s can be configured as monitoring AP (only listening/capturing WLAN network packets). These Monitoring AP’s performs detection of all surrounding WLAN devices on periodic basis. When detecting un-authorized devices, network administration receives alarm. Additionally it is possible to configure such counter-attack measures, as for example issuing automatized de-authentication frames to these devices forcing them disconnect from WLAN.

Additionally to rouge device detection, WIDS also providing IDS attack discovery:

  • Flooding attack
  • Spoof Attack Detection
  • Weak IV (Weak Initialization Vector) attack