FAQ ZTE 5250 Switches

How to perform basic VLAN priority configuration on ZTE 5250 Series Switch?

 set port statistics mode ingress
 set port 1 pvid 86
 set port 2 pvid 86
 set vlan 1 add port 3-23,25-28 untag
 set vlan 1 add port 1-2,24 tag
 set vlan 1 add trunk 1-15 untag
 create vlan 86 name tv
 set vlan 86 add port 1-2 untag
 set vlan 86 add port 24 tag
 set vlan 86 enable
//Qos configuration as follow
 set qos priority-mapping qos-profile 1 user-priority 3 //The priority of vlan 1 is 3
 set qos priority-mapping qos-profile 2 user-priority 4 //The priority of vlan 86 is 4
 config ingress-acl link number 200
 rule 1 permit any 1 //vlan 1
 rule 2 permit any 86 ///vlan 86
 set port 1 acl 200 enable //configure acl on port1.
 set port 2 acl 200 enable //configure acl on port2.
 set policy remark in ingress-acl 200 rule 1 profile 1 up enable-modify dscp no-change
 set policy remark in ingress-acl 200 rule 2 profile 2 up enable-modify dscp no-change=

How to access ZXR10 5250 & 2900E series switch from PC by console Cable?

1. Connect one end of USB to Serial – Serial to RJ45 cable to PC USB port, and other end to switch port which is named console;

2. Power on switch;

3. On PC use HyperTerminal, Putty or SecureCRT software to access switch`s console;

4. After switch boots up it will ask for login: , here defoult login name is admin, and then PASSWORD: which default is zhongxing ;

5.Enter enable command and if asks for password enter zxr10;

6. The switch is ready to be configured.

What is default Password for ZTE Switch products?

Default Password for ZTE Switch products are:

Login: admin 
Password: zhongxing

What is ZTE 5250 Series packet buffer?

For ZTE 5250 Series packet buffer is 1Mb shared on all ports.

Connecting ZTE 5250 switch by SSH when other administrator has forgotten to exit config mode?

If You need connecting ZTE 5250 switch by SSH when and other administrator has forgotten to exit config mode, perform following:

check who is online, with command #who

And use this command to clear forgotten sessions : #clear tcp vty

ZTE 5250 switch lets trough with any “enable” password?

You should configure command: set adminauth local

Now switch will ask for enable password which is set by “set user ___ admin-password___

ZTE 5250 switch forwards multicast stream on all ports, even with IGMP snooping enabled?

5250 series switch is designed as pure access level switch. This means on switch`s access ports are connects user devices and on uplink port – aggregation switch.

Multicast sources are connected on multicast router which is behind aggregation switch.

By default on 5250 series switches forwards multicast stream on all ports. To turn off this forwarding on port you must turn on multicast filter, command:

set port <portlist> multicast-filter {enable | disable}. 

zte(cfg)#set port 1,5-7,11 multicast-filter enable

This means that customer ports who uses IGMP snooping and needs multicast traffic must have enabled this filter. Other port which for example leads to next access switch must have disabled multicast filter.