FAQ ZTE 5900E Switches

What is default Password for ZTE Switch products?

Default Password for ZTE Switch products are:

Login: admin 
Password: zhongxing

DAC cable on ZTE 5900E Series Switch – not working?

In order to successfully use 10G DAC cable on ZTE 5900E series switch – it must be plugged in one of the up-link XG cards ports (2,3,4), except port No.1. Because DAC cable in port No. 1, might experience problems with CRC-error counter.

How to update system image on ZTE 5900E Switch from bootmode?

Bootrom version 3.3 – Check that(is seen when booting)

In boot mode:

>”c”(to change variables)

Just hit “enter” for all the varibles, that are staying unchanged.

In ftp user and ftp pass enter the username and password of your ftp server

>”p”(to check the current variable set)

Make sure “Bootfile” is in /img/zxr10.zar

>”zte”(to enter manager mode)

>”cd img”(where images resides)

>”ls”(to see the file list)

If there’s already zxr10.zar file, rename it to zxr10old.zar with “rename” command.

If there are both, delete zxr10old.zar(with rm command) firstly.

start your ftp server, and try to ping the switch from it(to make sure there’s connectivity)

>”fftpc get zxr10.zar”(to get zxr10.zar from server, using user and pass we set up in boot mode)

>”ls”(to make sure we got the file)

>”exit”(to exit to boot mode)

>”p”(check the Bootfile path again)

If the img file is prom the same package as bootrom file (bootrom 3.3 and zxr10.zar 2.09.10B12) the switch should start.

In case you have an old bootrom, upload the corresponding zxr10.zar(in the same manner we did before) and the switch should boot. Then repeat the update procedure(starting with bootrom).

Cooper SFP on ZTE 5900E Switch not working ?

In case if using SFP Copper modules in 5900E series swiitch, the port wont rise (go in to UP state). The Administrator must issue the followingcommand in order to change attribute which will let switchport to accept SFP Cooper transceiver.

ZXR10(config-gei_1/x)#change-attribute copper

What is ZTE 5900E Series packet buffer?

For ZTE 5900E Series packet buffer it is 9Mb shared by all ports.

What is process of troubleshooting network loop on ZTE 5900E series switch?


loop-detect protect-interface gei_1/1 enable
loop-detect interface gei_1/1 enable
loop-detect interface gei_1/1 vlan 213 enable
loop-detect interface gei_1/1 vlan 1501 enable
loop-detect interface gei_1/1 vlan 1502 enable


10:31:27 09/11/2014 EEST alarm 23296 occurred %LOOP-DETECT% %%PORT%% Interface looped on gei_1/1 sent by MCP
10:31:37 09/11/2014 EEST alarm 23296 occurred %LOOP-DETECT% %%PORT%% Interface looped on gei_1/1 sent by MCP


RA2_ZTE#show loop-detect interface-detail gei_1/1
isUp isMonitor isLoop isProtected
Yes Yes Yes Yes
reopenTime(s) loopVlan vlanRange
0 213 213,1501-1502