FAQ ZTE 5960 Switches

What is default Password for ZTE Switch products?

Default Password for ZTE Switch products are:

Login: admin 
Password: zhongxing

Does ZTE 5960 support EVB/VEPA?

Yes, ZTE 5960 support EVB/VEPA. Detailed description You can find at ZXR10 5960 Series (V2.09.10) User Manual Library > Configuration Guide > IDC > Virtualization Configuration > Overview

Could You explain EVB/VEPA technology?

EVB/VEPA – Ethernet Virtual Bridging /Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregation is IEEE Standard 802.1qbg with is applied usually in Data Center environment, where Switch is connected to multiple servers with contain large number of Virtual Machines. This VEPA technology allows to bring Virtual Machine switching to physical switch (from vSwitch inside server software), with usually is much more advanced in security policies and features. Only requirement is that used virtualization software (VMWare/Parallels or other) need to support 802.1qbg. More info on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48xi-luDT60