FTTH xPON Solutions

ZTE is leading supplier of Passive Optical Network (PON) Technologies Globally. We are focusing on implementation of FTTH xPON solutions, support and stable deliveries of ZTE xPON Portfolio in Europe.

  • ZTE ZXA10 C300 OLT

    For high-capacity deployments


    ZXA10 C300, the world’s first future-proof and largest capability optical access platform, is developed with mass optical access roll-out as well as economy in mind. Its powerful functions and high performance make mass FTTx roll-out easier than ever before.

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  • ZTE ZXA10 C320 OLT

    For smaller, space limited deployments


    ZTE ZXA10 C320, a small size, full-service optical access convergent platform, provides carrier class QoS and reliable network to meet the requirements for small-scale implementation of FTTx services.

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  • ZTE ZXA10 ONT’s

    Wide selection for different scenarios


    ZTE ZXA10 ONT / ONU product family includes wariety of different access port options of xPON network, in order to comply all size and kind of service operator scenarios.


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