ZTE M6000-S Intelligent Full-Service Router

ISP/Enterprise Core Level High Capacity Router



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The ZXR10 M6000-S series routers are new-generation Broadband Multi-Service Gateway (BMSG) products with large capacity and high performance. This series of routers are designed for carriers’ backbone networks, Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), mobile bearer networks, Internet Data Centers (IDC), government networks and enterprise networks.

Large capacity and high performance, 400 G smooth upgrading

ZXR10 M6000-S series routers use large-capacity, unblocked and flexible high-speed switch fabric, and the unidirectional switching capacity is 2.4 Tbps. The high-performance network processors, Ternary Content-Addressable Memory Unit (TCAM) and Traffic Manager (TM) chip fully guarantee the wire-speed forwarding capability for each slot. The throughput on each slot is 100 G, and later it can be upgraded to 400 G smoothly, which absolutely meets the increasing bandwidth requirements and guarantees the customer investment

Small body, low power consumption, the first choice of Total Cost of Ownership

ZXR10 M6000-S series products uses the popular rack structure. The reasonable distribution of highly integrated components and compact integrative sub-rack design make the device physical volume be reduced a lot. Several devices can be put on a standard 19” cabinet, which saves spaces in the room. The energy saving technologies, such as fan stepless speed, line card intelligent startup and intelligent power supply, reduces the power consumption of the devices a lot and prolongs the device life. This saves the operation and maintenance cost.

Full ability to carry over multi-service and control accesses

  • ZXR10 M6000-S series products support full multicast routing protocol and multicast Virtual Private Network (VPN). With the unique multicast control and FCC function, the devices accomplish high-efficiency deployment for video services.
  • VPN technologies such as Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) L2/L3 VPN, Layer2 Tunnel Protocol (L2TP) and General Routing Encapsulation (GRE) help to deploy customer services.
  • The high-efficiency TM chip makes the forwarding plane provide strong Quality of Service (QoS) processing ability. The Hierarchical-QoS (H-QoS) mechanism meets the refined operational requirements
  • ZXR10 M6000-S series products support the access management, online and offline control, accounting and QoS scheduling functions for Internet Protocol over Ethernet (IPoE) users and Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) users. The devices accomplish the Bandwidth On Demand (BOD) value-added service of public users.
  • The features such as Pseudo Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3), 1588v2 clock and Ethernet clock form perfect IP backhaul solutions

Flexible general mother card and daughter cards, and various interface types

ZXR10 M6000-S series routers use the flexible mother card and daughter cards structure. Different types of interface daughter cards can be installed interchangeably on the general mother card, which saves the device cost and eases management and maintenance. The daughter interface cards provide Ethernet, Packet Over SONET/SDH (POS), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and E1 multi-speed and high-density interfaces, covering wire-speed from 100 G to E1 completely. This meets the requirements of different capacity and high-performance forwarding, and meanwhile provides various flexible solutions for network accesses.

Perfect reliability technology, guaranteeing uninterrupted services

The data forwarding plane, the control plane and the system management plane are independent. Key components such as the Switch Fabric Unit (SFU), the Management Process Unit (MPU), the power supply module and the fan module are in redundancy design. All line cards support hot plug. The system usability meets the carrier-class five “9” standards. These ensures the high reliability at the device plane. The network and service reliability technologies, such as Graceful Restart (GR), Nonstop Routing (NSR), Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), Fast Reroute (FRR), link aggregation and dual-device backup, ensure the network stability and service indissolubility.


    • M6000-8S – With vertical slots, ZXR10 M6000-8S is designed with 12 slots including 8 service line card slots, 2 SRU (switch router unit) and 2 SFU (switch fabric unit)
    • M6000-5S – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-5S is designed with7 slots including 5 service line cards and 2 SRU (switch router unit).
    • M6000-3S – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-3S is designed with 5 slots including 3 service line cards and 2 MPU.
    • M6000-2S4 – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-2S4 is designed with 6 slots including 2 service line card slots, 2 MPU (Main Processor unit) and interface card slots.
    • M6000-2S10 – With horizontal slots, ZXR10 M6000-2S10 is designed with 12 slots including 2 service line card slots, 2 MPU (Main Processor unit) and 8 interface card slots.


  • MAC Table: 512K
  • VLAN’s: 4 K
  • SVI’s: 4 K
  • Troughput: Up to 3600 Gbps
  • IPv4 Table size: 4M(4G memory)/8M(8G memory)
  • IPv6 Table size: 1M

Key Features:

  • L2: MAC management, VLAN, QinQ, SuperVLAN, SmartGroup, ATM and PPP
  • L3: IPv4 unicast, IPv4 multicast, IPv6 unicast and IPv6 multicast
  • MPLS and TE: MPLS L2/L3 VPN, 6vPE, MPLS-TE and DS-TE
  • QoS: classification, labeling, traffic supervision, congestion control, queue dispatch, shaping, QPPB and H-QoS
  • BRAS: IPoEv4/v6, PPPoEv4/v6, IP Host, L2TP, AAA and multi-machine hot standby
  • Reliability: Graceful Restart (GR), FRR, link bundling, TE HotStandby, static TE tunnel protection group, BFD and NSR
  • Tunnel: MPLS and GRE
  • Clock synchronization: SyncE, IEEE 1588 V2, GPS and BITS
  • Security: attack prevention and CPU security protection
  • CGN: NAT444, DS-LITE, NAT64, 6RD, IVI, SMART6, NAT LOG, NAT ALG, CGN hot standby
  • OAM software: CLI, GUI (NetNumen U31), MPLS VPN NMS, QoS NSM and TE NMS
  • OAM: Ethernet OAM, MPLS OAM and SLA Tool (SQA)