ZTE ZXR10 6802

Series Aggregation Service Router supporting 2 Line Card Slots



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ZXR10 6800 series routers is an intelligent multi-service router promoted by ZTE, integrating routing, switching, wireless, security, VPN, Broadband user access in all. With modular, scalable system architecture, and Open Service Unit(OSU), it can constitute intelligent, efficient, reliable, and flexible IP network with easy maintenance. Forwarding plane and control plane separation and dual redundant design, which ensure safe and reliable of the equipment. “ALL in one” design concept, offering rich interface types and business functions, ZXR10 6800 can provide flexible functions customization and combination depending on the user’s requirement. A variety of MPFUs with different performance smooth upgrading to meet the user step-by-step investment demand, which minimize the cost of investment and construction of the clients on the network. ZTE ZXR10 6802 is Aggregation Service Router supporting 2 Line Card Slots and can be used as branch office integrated service router.

Chassis & Controller Units:

  • The ZXR10 6802 only supports PIU. It can be inserted in No.1 or No. 0 slot.
  • Supported MPFU Types:
    • MPFU-02-A1 – Providing 2 Mpps troughput performance

Supported Interface Cards:

  • RA-DPIU-01XGE-SFP+ – 1-port 10GE LAN/WAN Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-DPIU-04GE-Cmb – 4-port GE Combo Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-01DSLB – 1-port xDSL Physical Interface Unit.Support ASDL/ADSL2/ADSL2+/VDSL/VDSL2 and DSL bonding (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-01P12-SFP – 1-port OC-12/STM-4 POS Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-02CP3-SFP – 2-port channelized OC-3/STM POS Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-02P3-SFP – 2-port OC-3/STM-1 POS Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-04CE1-120 – 4-port channelized/non-channelized E1 Physical Interface Unit, 120 ohm (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-04CP3-SFP – 4-port channelized OC-3/STM POS Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-04GE-SFP – 4-port SFP Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-04HS – 4-port Syn. Or Asyn. Series Port Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-04P3-SFP – 4-port OC-3/STM-1 POS Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-04SHDSL – 1-Port 4-pair G.SHDSL Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-05GE-4E1SFP – 4-port 100/1000M RJ45 and 1-port GE SFP Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-08GE-SFP – 8-port GE SFP Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-09GE-8E1SFP – 8-port GE electrical+1-port GE SFP Physical Interface Unit (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-16CE1 – 16-port channelized/non-channelized E1 Physical Interface Unit. 75 ohm or 120 ohm are supported (PIU)
  • RA-PIU-4CE1-75 – 4-port channelized/non-channelized E1 Physical Interface Unit, 75 ohm (PIU)

Key Features:

  • Rich Interface Types:GE SFP, GE RJ45, GE Combo, FE, 155M/622M POS, 155M channelized POS, E1/CE1, xDSL, G.SHDSL and Synchronous and asynchronous serial interfaces
  • L2 features : MAC management, VLAN, QinQ, SuperVLAN, Smartgroup , PPP, PPPOE,HDLC and FR
  • IPv4/IPv6: static route, RIP/RIPng, OSPF/OSPFv3, IS-IS/IS-ISv6 and BGPv4/BGP4+
  • Multicast: Static multicast, IGMPv1/v2/v3, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, MSDP, PIM-SSM mapping, MLDv1/v2
  • MPLS features: MPLS L3 VPN, VPLS/HVPLS, PWE3, Inter-AS Option A/B/C and 6vPE
  • QoS: classify, Marking, Traffic policing, Congestion management, Queue scheduling, Shaping, QPPB and H-QoS
  • Reliability: BFD for everything, VRRP, LACP, MPPP, FRR, PW redundancy and SDC link redundancy
  • Clock synchronization: BITS and GPS
  • Security features: State-firewall, DPI policy linkage defense, Anti-DDOS attacks, Anti-ARP attacks,MAC and IP binding, CPU security, Control plane security, Protocol Encryption, High-performance IPSEC tunnel encryption, RADIUS / TACACS + authentication, uRPF, SSH
  • User access control: BRAS, PPPOE, IPOE, DHCP + WEB, 802.1x.
  • NAT: static NAT, dynamic NAT, PAT, NAT multi-outlet, NAT ALG and NAT log
  • OSU: Open Service Unit
  • IPv6 transitional technology: 6PE, 6VPE, 6in4, 6to4, 4in6, DS-LITE, NAT444, NAT64 and 6rd
  • OAM: Ethernet OAM, MPLS OAM, SQA USB, loading, batch management, TR-069, temperature monitor, port mirror, Netflow1:1