SMP – Network Security Management Platform

From Ruijie Networks

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  • The Ruijie RG-SMP (Network Security Management Platform) is an enterprise-class security management application that provides insight into and control of Ruijie security and network devices. The Ruijie RG-SMP offers comprehensive security management across a wide range of Ruijie security appliances, including Ruijie intelligent switches and Wireless solutions. The Ruijie RG-SMP is also compatible with other third-party networking devices with 802.1X protocol, enabling the AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) network access control (NAC) policy according to user requirements.
    The Ruijie RG-SMP allows users to manage office networks of all sizes for a broad spectrum of industries, with security compliance requirements of user identity, host health and security of network communication.

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Key Features:

  • Unified Wired and Wireless Network Access Control
  • BYOD Solution Support
  • Comprehensive Identity Authentication
  • Host Endpoint Protection Support
  • Simple Web Operation
  • Detailed Security Track Record
  • Third-party Certification System Integration
  • Learning and Support for Multielement Binding
  • Asset Management
  • User-based Internet Application Control