ZTE NetNumen EasyManager

Mini Tool for Easy Installation & Deployment

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    Designed for the network management in the access layer, ZTE bearer IP network management tool ZTE EasyManager is responsible for service initiation and failure diagnosis. Focusing on in-batch configuration, inspection, zero-touch deployment, version update and configuration file management of switch/router; it gives perfect support to the management of the switch and router.

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Key Features:


Mini and green network management tool, easy installation and deployment

As a mini and eco-friendly network management tool, ZTE EasyManager is a part of NetNumen™ U31 management system. With its own database it can be launched directly after decompression As it is small and free from the designate server, it is adaptive to a PC or a laptop. The in-batch and automatic processing capability reduces the labor and improves the working efficiency.

Configuration templates enhance the configuration efficiency and reduce the Opex

Support failure collection and running status collection templates. As a result, the efficiency is improved, and the costs in labor and time are reduced at the same time.  Provide zero-touch configuration template. It implements the deployment of the initiation easily and realizes plug-and-play switches.

Data center management is known for higher efficiency and lower OAM costs

The device resource management realizes the fast and convenient resource management. It enables the maintenance staff to query the resource quickly.The version configuration management realizes the remote in-batch upgrade and management of the device version and configuration. It saves the costs in labor and improves the efficiency.

Zero-touch deployment management makes the initiation faster and the expenses of the OAM lower

In the initial network installation and deployment stage, the device can get the initiation information automatically. Without asking for manual processing, it can realize remote network management and maintenance. With the “plug-and-play” zero-touch deployment, the maintenance becomes more cost-effective.

Quality inspection tool completes the device health check intelligently

The EasyManager provides multiple sorts of device inspection templates for remote and centralized devices inspection. It generates the inspection report, simplifies the inspection process and reduces the costs in both labor and maintenance.