ZTE ZXR-10 2918E L2+ 16 Port Ethernet Switch

16xFE RJ45 + 2xGE Combo






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ZXR10 2900E series switches are the superior layer 2 switches presented by ZTE. 2918E is Layer 2 16 Port Ethernet Switch. With innovative “easy” concept incorporated in every detail, ZXR10 2900E series switches bring users the ultimate efficiency, cutting the maintenance costs of the network through simple yet efficient methods.

ZXR10 2900E provides enhanced layer 2 threat defense capabilities to mitigate network attacks. Multiple measures like bi-direction ACL, dynamic ARP inspection, MAC/IP/port automatic binding after 802.1X authentication help enterprise users better secure their networks.


  • 16 x 10/100BaseT
  • 2 x 100/1000Base-X SFP Ports (Non-Combo)


  • Switching Capacity: 7,2 G
  • L2 Packet Forwarding Rate: 5,4 Mpps
  • MAC Address Table Capacity: 16 000
  • Number of concurent VLAN’s: 4094
  • Max number of SVI Interfaces: 128
  • ACL (Ingress+Egress): 1000

Key Features:

  • M-Button
  • Remote In-Batch Upgrade
  • Power-Off Warning
  • Bi-Directional ACL
  • Ethernet OAM
  • Front Maintenance

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  • ZXR10 2900E switch has innovative M-Button function. The function makes use of existing port indicators to indicate the run status of the switch. M-Button can switch different modes. When a mode is switched, port indicator shows system status of the mode according to relative rules. The following statuses are available now:

    • LINK:Port LINK/ACT status
    • SPD:port current speed
    • DUP:Port duplex status
    • STAT:port STP status
    • POE:port POE status
    • CPU%:CPU usage
    • MEM%:memory usage
    • ↑BW%:uplink port egress bandwidth usage
    • ↓BW%:uplink port ingress bandwidth usage
    •  PING:Whether connection with OAM Centre is good
    • CRC: Whether there is CRC error on the port
    • STORM: Whether there is storm at the port
    • No MAC: Whether the interface has learnt any MAC

Remote Batch Upgrade

Remote In-Batch Upgrade

  • ZXR10 2900E supports the DHCP-based batch upgrade. By supporting DHCP option66, 67 and 150, the device gets the server address, catalog and filename storing the version. Option150 stores the server IP address, option66 the version path, and option67 the version filename. With the information, the device can automatically get the version from the designated location via FTP or TFTP, which simplifies upgrade procedure, facilitate operation & maintenance and increase working efficiency.

Advanced ACL Security

Advanced ACL Security

  • ZXR10 2900E supports egress and ingress ACL rules – one 2900E unit can support up to 1000 Rules. Following types are supported:

    • Basic ACL: Only match source IP address.
    • Extended ACL: Match source IP address, destination IP address, IP protocol type, TCP source port No., TCP destination port No., UDP source port No., UDP destination port No., ICMP type, ICMP Code, DSCP (DiffServ Code Point), and ToS.
    • L2 ACL: Match source MAC address, destination MAC address, source VLAN ID, L2 Ethernet protocol type, and 802.1p priority value.
    • Mixed ACL: Match source MAC address, destination MAC address, source VLAN ID, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP source port No., TCP  destination port No., UDP source port No., and UDP destination port No., including all matching fields of the above types.