Does Ruijie WiFI has software wireless controller?

Ruijie currently offering hardware based wireless controller. Basically here open discussion of business model Software as a Service vs In-house deployment. It’s needed to compare these pay-per-seat/capacity/functionality cost against investment made in hardware. In case of Ruijie we are offering reasonable pricing and very wide functionality and often it can be more reasonable to deploy in-house solution.

Second topic is Security risks, as SaaS based solutions are out of control in terms of “being remote “from actual network, information security risks in case of sensitive enterprise networking data and also from aspect of performance control.

As well – Ruijie Wireless Controller can manage 3rd party AP’s by using CAPWAP protocol and 3rd party software (also cloud) can manage Ruijie AP’s with same CAPWAP.

Ruijie Wireless controller functionality includes very powerful function set:

  • -Number of Access User Limitation based on WLAN
  • -MAX WLAN ID – 2048/4094
  • -802.11 Rate Set Deployment – Imperative/Support/Not Support
  • -CAPWAP Tunnel – CAPWAP NAT Traversal
  • -CAPWAP Tunnel – CAPWAP v6
  • -Radio Resource Management – Radio Resource Grouping
  • -Radio Resource Management – Radio Resource Monitoring
  • -Radio Resource Management – Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA)
  • -Radio Resource Management – Transmit Power Control (TPC)
  • -Radio Resource Management – Blind Area Detection and Repair
  • -AP Management – 2.4G/5G Band Selection
  • -AP Management – Load Balancing – Based on traffic/number of user/band
  • -AP Management – User Number Limitation based on SSID
  • -AP Management – Fixed Switching Time of RF
  • -WLAN IDS – Standard/monitor/standard+monitor modes
  • -WLAN IDS – Rogue AP discovery/Rogue Ad-hoc device discovery
  • -WLAN IDS – Discover flooding attack/weak IV attack/spoof attack and prevent flooding attack
  • -User Isolation on L2 Layer
  • -Whitelist
  • -Static Blacklist
  • -Dynamic Blacklist
  • -WLAN Security Encryption – Open System Authentication/Share Key Authentication
  • -WLAN Security Encryption – Access Authentication PSK/802.1x
  • -WLAN Security Encryption – Encryption Mode Plaintext/WEP/TKIP/CCMP (AES)
  • -WLAN Security Encryption – Key Agreement Protocol WPA/RSN (WPA II)
  • -PEAP Authentication
  • -Wireless Positioning
  • -Spectral Analysis
  • -Heat Map
  • -Remote Probe
  • -RIPT
  • -Intelligent Identification of Smart Device
  • -Fair Scheduling
  • -VPN client
  • -SAVI
  • -802.1X Authentication
  • -WEB Authentication
  • -HTTP Redirection