What kind Wireless Intrusion Detection Ruijie Supports?

Ruijie WLAN solution has built-in WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System), with allows to perform detection of intrusion or malicious attacks at early stages. WIDS provides following functionality:

  • “Rogue” Customer Device Detection
  • “Rogue”Access Point Detection
  • Ad-Hoc devices Detection
  • IDS Attack Detection

Ruijie WLAN AP’s can be configured as monitoring AP (only listening/capturing WLAN network packets). These Monitoring AP’s performs detection of all surrounding WLAN devices on periodic basis. When detecting un-authorized devices, network administration receives alarm. Additionally it is possible to configure such counter-attack measures, as for example issuing automatized de-authentication frames to these devices forcing them disconnect from WLAN.

Additionally to rouge device detection, WIDS also providing IDS attack discovery:

  • Flooding attack
  • Spoof Attack Detection
  • Weak IV (Weak Initialization Vector) attack