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On 2012 ABI Research predicted – by 2015 Global Data Traffic will increase 26-times, video traffic will account for more than 80% and 50% of all Internet traffic will pass trough WLAN. WLAN will be the best access technology in mobile Internet era. Now it’s 2015 and these predictions have become reality and both –  number of WLAN supporting user devices and Access Points have grow dramatically. What are consequences? – complicated radio environment, lot’ s of interference and poor user experience, especially in high user density implementations. Ruijie Networks is one of most innovative enterprise network equipment  manufacturers globally and has addressed these challenges by introducing patented X-Sense technology.

Ruijie Networks X-Sense Technology Antenna:



With 802.11n MIMO (multi-input, multi-output) technology were introduced. In MIMO mode user terminal connect to multiple antennas and simultaneously transmits and receives signals on multiple channels. MIMO uses spatial multiplexing to improve channel utilization, and uses multi-path to improve signal quality. Because of MIMO introduction 802.11n and 802.11ac has higher requirements on the radiation angle of antennas and correlation among the antennas. However, in practical environment is hard to implement optimal positions of AP terminals – when users change positions the angle and path of wireless signals will change accordingly, causing signal fluctuation and thereby affecting users’ access experience. In order to solve these problems Smart Antennas was introduced – a smart antenna will automatically complete antenna selection and setting without manual intervention, thereby improving signal quality to a certain extent. The smart antenna technology, however, is only passive adaptation of signal and can’t solve all of mentioned issues.

The X-Sense is a new-generation smart antenna platform independently developed by Ruijie Networks. It has all benefits of a smart antenna –  but the X-Sense greatly improves smart antennas in various aspects, such as the number of antenna paths, switching speed, and signal intensity.

Full coverage based on 16.77 million signal paths:

In the X-Sense Smart Antenna matrix architecture AP with 24 built-in array antennas dynamically selects up to 16.77 million different antenna combinations and effectively solves the weakness of coverage dead zones of traditional antennas. Regardless of the location of smart device, the X-Sense Smart Antenna customizes and aligns the best signal path to achieve full coverage.

Zero Dead Zone

Automatic adjustment for best signal:

Even smart devices are mobile, Ruijie X-Sense technology provides the best signal path. No manual adjustments required, the X-Sense Smart Antenna can automatically perform up to 300 signal path switchovers within 1ms. Even if the smart device is moving fast, the X-Sense Smart Antenna can always trace the smart device and offer the best signal strength:


Signal strength multiplied by 3 times with the same power supply:

The X-Sense Smart Antenna accurately calculates the location of smart devices and improves the signal strength accordingly. If compared with ordinary APs, the X-Sense Smart Antenna can multiply the signal strength by up to 3 times, enabling the best wireless signal coverage. For other vendor AP’s increased signal strength might sometimes come with higher radiation level, but Ruijie X-Sense Smart Antenna is an exception – The transmit power completely complies with the safety standards.

Smart Device Access Optimization:

X-Sense technology provides identification and signal optimization for smart devices – mobile phones, tablets. As these are usually low-power devices, X-Sense Smart Antenna improves receiver sensitivity and performs retransmissions through dynamic signal compensation technology to ensure optimal access performance

Interference reduction by 30%:

Interference is the biggest challenge to any wireless network deployment. The interference problem will become obvious when a large number of APs deployed in a small space. The X-Sense Smart Antenna automatically adjusts the wireless signal output direction according to the user location. When disturbed, the X-Sense Smart Antenna selects a better path to avoid interference. Test results show that Ruijie’s X-Sense Smart Antenna technology can effectively reduce interference by more than 30%.

If compared with other popular products:

On July 2013, Tolly Enterprises (The Tolly Group is a leading global provider of testing and third-party validation and certification services to the Information Technology industry since 1989)  – performed tests on coverage and throughput performance of most popular brands Access Point products compared with Ruijie Networks AP530 and AP330 – with both are equipped with X-Sense antenna. Ruijie products out-performed popular competitor products in all tests. Full test report available – HERE.


Seeing is believing – so we encourage You, our potential customer, to contact us at and schedule Your own and independent testing of X-Sense technology.

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