Who is Cool, Green, Open? – It’s our partner ZTE

Our partner – ZTE Corporation recently has published Sustainability Report 2014 (Download it HERE). This report highlights ZTE’s latest company updates, including financial results, corporate governance and future strategy overview.

CGO – Cool, Green, Open is not only slogan, but list of values that company wish to focus in future development, but what does it mean? COOL – A cool ZTE is conscious of the times, pursues perfection, and provides higher-than-expected customer satisfaction through technological and user experience innovation. GREEN – A green ZTE is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, leads in sustainable development, cares for employees, and fulfills its social responsibility. OPEN – An open ZTE eliminates barriers within the company, and partners with other links in the industry chain for cross-industry convergence in full swing.

ZTE is focusing on four main markets – Operator, Enterprise, Terminals and New Product Market. In line of CGO (Cool, Green, Open) values ZTE has developed strategy called M-ICT (Mobile Information Communication Technology) – in core of this strategy is ZTE’s strong believe that ICT industry has approached mobile era, when all things are interconnected through wireless technologies. ZTE believes that, with the convergence of IT and CT and the rapid prevalence of portable smart terminals, Man-Man, Man-Machine, and Machine-Machine connectivity will evolve.

ZTE believes that CGO values and M-ICT strategy will allow enterprise transformation From equipment provider to service provider, from focusing on science & technology and products to customer needs, from an enterprise to an information ecosystem integrator.